rkSmartTabs updated to 2.1

This is just a post to inform you about the availability of the latest rkSmartTabs. Now dragging of tabs works correctly and hints are working properly. Making this work was a lot more difficult than expected but the hardest part was to make all the transparency work correctly. I hope you find this update useful, […]

VistaProBar updated to version 1.7

This is a small update were I only have added three properties: BackColor, BorderColor, CornerColor. I think this makes it a little more useful. I needed the properties to get my music progress bar.I think it looks good. Have fun. Download rkVistaProBar from download page. Collection not updated yet.

rkSmartPath updated to version 2.5

Finally I got some time to post an updated rkSmartPath. Whats new: * New color properties: – ColorEdit, ColorEnter and ColorExit * Possible to hide first level: – HideFirstLevel * Added an optional button: – ImagesBtn, ImageIdxBtn * I also added new arrow style for first item * Some code update Download from download page. […]