So you want to know what this is all about. Well I do like programming and it has been my hobby for a very long time, since Commodore 64 was born. So why this blog? My main idea about this blog is to be able to share my ideas and components but I will also release some shareware products of mine here.

I have done mostly graphics related development but I also do other stuff as you will see when reading this blog. There will not be any long descriptions or explanations but I try to write my components as simple as possible. I am not an expert in component development but the only way of learning it is doing it… so I do my best.

My hope is that you find something useful here. If you do any changes, improvements or modifications I hope you share it back so the rest of us can enjoy it too.

Feedback is always welcome.

Now go back and read this blog and enjoy.

Roy M Klever