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PathViewer updated to version 1.1

What is new:

Some arrow types are defined to be used in the new OnDrawEvent:

  TpvArrow = (pvaNone, pvaNormal, pvaBack);
  TOnDrawArrowEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; PathOff: Integer; var ArrowStyle: TpvArrow) of object;
// Usage to simulate Win7 explorer bar
procedure MainForm.pvMain.DrawArrow(Sender: TObject; PathOff: Integer;  var ArrowStyle: TpvArrow);
  if PathOff > 1 then  
    ArrowStyle:= pvaBack
  if PathOff > 0 then  
    ArrowStyle:= pvaNormal
    ArrowStyle:= pvaNone;

New property added:

RightToLeft: Boolean;

Set this property to true to get a pathviewer that renders the path from right to the left. I have not tested it with right to left languages so if you do I would like to get some feedback of how it works out.

Hope you find it usefull.

Download Updated PathViewer

AeroTabs a new tabs component

AeroTabs in use

My file manager using AeroTabs

I wanted to try to get my rkSmartTabs to work with aero in Vista/Win7 and this is the result.

The result is good, not perfect, but it works and shows how it can be done. Gdi+ is used to render the tabs so you will need it.

When using it with aero/glass remember to set background color to clBlack or you will get strange results.

Hope you find it usefull. I will post more info later and maybe add a simple demo, but if you got rkSmartTabs up and running you will get this one up and running too.

Download Component