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A simple PIDL path bar

Demo showing PIDL path bar

PIDL path bar in use

Finally a pathbar using PIDLS so it is possible to navigate the complete shell and not just the file system. It is splitt into two components, rkPathViewer and rkShellPath.

The rkPathViewer is for viewing the path and can be used without rkShellPath for other path viewing needs.

rkShellPath is the component that handle the PIDL part, make it into a path that can be viewed in rkPathViewer. To set a path you normally use procedure LoadPIDL or you can set a filepath using the path property of the component. To read the current PIDL you use the property PIDL.

Hope this helps a little for your shell navigation needs.

First install the two components in the PIDLpath folder. If you want to compile and run the demo add the two components in ShellComp, provided by Bill Miller, before you load and compile the demo.

Finally a big thank you to Gerald Koeder that helped out a lot in this project.

Download Components and demo

SmartPath v2.3 released

I am happy to announce that SmartPath v2.3 is here.

Whats new:
– Pressing arrow button now toggle popup menu.
– New event, OnError. Thanks Castor69.
– New property AutoComplete.
– Color properties for button painting have been added.
– Bug in keyboard navigating have been fixed.
– Bug in edit path have been fixed.
– Some small code optimization.

OnError AException values:
0 : Create directory failed

Download SmartPath2.3

SmartPath updated

VistaPanel image

Good looking SmartPath

This is just an update of my SmartPath component. Some elements have been removed while some elements have been added.

I added a transparent option, and lookup in edit mode. The search option was removed. Some bugs were removed and the code tweaked a little.

New property added

NetDiskWait: Boolean;

When set to true it works like normal but if you set it to false it will not check if net disks(drives) are ready. I have a net drive that lose connection all the time, making me crazy every time I am going to pick a disk, so I had to do something about it. Default is False.

Download Component

Hope you like it.

Roy M Klever

A smart pathbar component

I finaly did it, made my smart pathbar component. It took a while to get it done but well here it is: rkSmartPath, I know, not a good name but I needed a name so …  It is quite easy to use, just give it a path, adjust some settings and you are ready to go.  Lets have a look:

ScreenShot of demo program

ScreenShot of demo program

The screenshot show the HomeMenu. Some default items are present like the drives and new folder items. The desktop and my documents items are optional. Making a new folder is as easy as clicking the new folder (name can be changed) writing name of the folder and you are done. Clicking outside the buttons will lett you paste a path or edit the one shown, you can cancel at any time by pressing escape key. You can also add favourites to the HomeMenu.

I guess thats it, quite easy isnt it. Please tell me what you think of it, I know it is not perfect but what is.

Download: Project with Source