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rkSmartTabs updated to 2.1

This is just a post to inform you about the availability of the latest rkSmartTabs.

Now dragging of tabs works correctly and hints are working properly.

Making this work was a lot more difficult than expected but the hardest part was to make all the transparency work correctly.

I hope you find this update useful, now you should download it and have some fun.

Download it at the download page as single component since collection has not been updated yet.

Some small updates for November

The updated SmartPath and SmartTabs

Updated components

This is just a small update for rkSmartPath and a beta release of the updated rkSmartTabs.

Not very much new stuff but I have added a feature to the rkSmartPath so it will always show at least one item in view. Meaning that the folder name will be truncated to fit in view, similar to how it is done in Vistas path bar.

The rkSmartTabs uploaded is the newest version and is in beta stage. Do not use it for real applications yet. I only uploaded it for people that want to test and get a feel of how it works. I am always curries myself so I thought maybe someone was interested. There are some limitations in this version as I know about fx hints are not working and tabs can not be dragged. So set ShowHint to false and AllowTabDrag to false when testing. If you find other strange stuff happening I would like to hear about it so I can do something about it. Thanks!

I hope you find it useful so far.

Please download these components as single components in the download page. They have not been included in the collection yet.

The collection will soon be updated.

Roy M Klever

Whats next


Preview of coming SmartTabs

I am working on the next update to rkSmartTabs and this is more or less what I have come up with.
What you see on the picture is a smarttab with more tabs than fit the view, the three first tabs are pinned tabs so they are not scrollable. It is not finished as you can see from the rendering. A lot of coding remains.

You are welcome to give me feedback on this one.

Just an update of what I am working on.

I also have some updates of some of my other components coming up.

Roy M Klever

rkSmartTabs now smarter

The new SmartTabs component

rkSmartTabs in use

Version 1.8 of rkSmartTabs is up. A lot of new stuff in here.

A few things that are new.

Tab captions are now rendered a little different and close button are adjusted down a little.

You can now pin a tab to the left side. See image above, three pinned tabs to the left.

Use UnpinTab(ATab) to unpin a tab and PinTab(ATab) to pin a tab. A pinned tab can only show a glyph. You can use TabPinned(ATab) to check if a tab is pinned. Because of the way pinned tabs are handled you should use SetTabName and GetTabName to set and get the caption of a tab. To get which tab is under the cursor you can use the GetTabAtXY function.

There is a new property, OnCustomDraw, that will lett you draw onto a tab. This can be used to paint a progress indicator or other thing you would like to put on a tab.

Some new properties
Now you can control the colors of your tabs
The border colors

Text outline colors

Color of the tabs

Tabs caption text

GdiPlusText, this property is used when painting tabs in aero glass. I could not make gdi text work properly with aero so you need to enable gdi+ text rendering when using aero. If not using too transparent tabs aero works ok.

You can set the opacity of a tab state using the following properties

Outline Text can be outlined by setting this property to true. This is not operativ when using gdi+ text

PinnedStr New in this version is pinned tabs set the symbol string you want to use for marking a pinned tab here

SeeThruTabs This property will let the other tabs shine thru, see what it looks like in picture above

Download at downloads page

This component uses the GDI + headers found at progdigy.com
In Delphi XE this is not working very well… one solution might be to rename the gdi+ units. I am trying to resolve this issue but as long I can not test, it is a little difficult. Maybe use graphics32 as the base is better?

Roy M Klever

SmartTabs version 1.7 released

rkSmartTabs v1.7

SmartTabs in use

rkSmartTabs have been updated to version 1.7.

TabOffsetTop has been removed.

AutoHideClose has been added. When setting this property to True it will hide the close buttons on non active tabs when they get very small. You can see the effect in the picture above.

Tabs no longer trigger the TabChanged event when being dragged.

Download rkSmartTabs1.7

This component uses the GDI + headers found at progdigy.com
In Delphi XE this is not working very well… one solution might be to rename the gdi+ units. If you have a solution to the problem in XE I would be glad to post it here.

Tabs with a twist – rkSmartTab

SmartTabs in use

SmartTabs in use

Here is a new component of mine, rkSmartTabs. Its a simple but easy to use tab bar component. It was made for my explorer application but I guess others might find it usefull too. I do not have a demo yet but you can download an early beta of my explorer to see and and get a feel for how it works. rkSmartTabs is rendered using GDI+ so you must make it available for Delphi. Hope you find it useful. Feedback is always welcome.

Download rkSmartTabs

Download BlaiseExplorer (540KB)

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