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SmartTabs version 1.7 released

rkSmartTabs v1.7

SmartTabs in use

rkSmartTabs have been updated to version 1.7.

TabOffsetTop has been removed.

AutoHideClose has been added. When setting this property to True it will hide the close buttons on non active tabs when they get very small. You can see the effect in the picture above.

Tabs no longer trigger the TabChanged event when being dragged.

Download rkSmartTabs1.7

This component uses the GDI + headers found at
In Delphi XE this is not working very well… one solution might be to rename the gdi+ units. If you have a solution to the problem in XE I would be glad to post it here.

Shell thumbnails how to

Shell thumbnails

Shell thumbnails

Well I needed to add thumbnails view to my explorer and had some serious problems finding out how to do it. This is more or less what I ended up with. Hope you find it useful. If you improve the code or have another solution I would love to hear about it and maybe post it here.

The code is not perfect and I am sure a lot of tuning can be added but this is a good start. What works in Vista and Windows7 does not work in Xp and some results are different in all versions so it is no easy task I think.

Download Sample project (515kB)