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New component TrkSliderEdit

Showing rkSliderEdits with different colors

Some color alternatives

TrkSliderEdit in all its glory.

This component will make it a lot easier to handle input values. A slider, an edit and a label, all, in one component. It could not be any easier that this. Well that’s my opinion. I use this component in my photo edit program a lot and it saved me a lot of time. Maybe it can help you to.

Use arrow keys to step value up or down by one or page up/down to step value in steps of ten. Press space key to enter value or press mouse button in edit area. Mouse click in the slider area will move the slider to the new position.

I hope you find this component interesting and useful.

If you have any comments or suggestions give me a word.

Download source code and demo

Glassbutton updated to v2.4

This is a long forgotten update to my rkGlassButton component. Some bugs have been corrected and it now work more as expected.

The first ting first. The autosize property is working like it should.
Secondly the down property also work when duostyle is active.
Last but not forgotten OnClick now work as expected.

Please report any bugs you find to me.

Hope this helps a little

Download rkGlassButton v2.4

My curves tool

A image showing the Curves tool in action

Curves tool in action

This is my curves tool. Inspired by the curves tool in Photoshop and Gimp. It keeps a list of presets which is located in a folder “curves” in the application folder. All files in this folder is .ACV files which is standard Adobe curve files. When you add a curve to the preset it saves the curve to the “curves” folder.

This project was updated 02.04.2015. When clicking outside the grid, or at an horizontal value where it already exists a point, it would give an error. This has now been corrected.

Download project source and executable

Hope you find this tool useful.

This is just a demo and not a complete application I think of it as a curves preview dialog.

Tiltshift in Delphi


Two simple programs for making tiltshift pictures in Delphi. A lot of improvements potential but it give you a starting point.

Not every image is suited for this effect, but that you will see very fast. Images with lots of sky or water usually do not work very well. City or landscape images might work out quite well. Do experiment.

I hope you like it and find it useful. The code is quite small. My biggest challenge was to build the gui in second sample (tilt shift 2)

Download code and exe (927kB)

Another thumbnail demo

This is yet another demo of thumbnails using my component, rkView. You will also need rkVistaPanel to run this demo. The main point of this demo is to show how you can work with thumbnails and alpha blending. I did try to keep the source short but alpha blending is a little complicated. Anyway here I show you one way of doing it. I also added check marks to the thumbs. Hope you find it useful.

Download Demo(Source and Exe)

Roy M Klever

rkSmartTabs updated to 2.1

This is just a post to inform you about the availability of the latest rkSmartTabs.

Now dragging of tabs works correctly and hints are working properly.

Making this work was a lot more difficult than expected but the hardest part was to make all the transparency work correctly.

I hope you find this update useful, now you should download it and have some fun.

Download it at the download page as single component since collection has not been updated yet.

Some small updates for November

The updated SmartPath and SmartTabs

Updated components

This is just a small update for rkSmartPath and a beta release of the updated rkSmartTabs.

Not very much new stuff but I have added a feature to the rkSmartPath so it will always show at least one item in view. Meaning that the folder name will be truncated to fit in view, similar to how it is done in Vistas path bar.

The rkSmartTabs uploaded is the newest version and is in beta stage. Do not use it for real applications yet. I only uploaded it for people that want to test and get a feel of how it works. I am always curries myself so I thought maybe someone was interested. There are some limitations in this version as I know about fx hints are not working and tabs can not be dragged. So set ShowHint to false and AllowTabDrag to false when testing. If you find other strange stuff happening I would like to hear about it so I can do something about it. Thanks!

I hope you find it useful so far.

Please download these components as single components in the download page. They have not been included in the collection yet.

The collection will soon be updated.

Roy M Klever

VistaProBar updated to version 1.7

VistaProBar in use

New VistaProBar "style"

This is a small update were I only have added three properties: BackColor, BorderColor, CornerColor.

I think this makes it a little more useful. I needed the properties to get my music progress bar.I think it looks good.

Have fun.

Download rkVistaProBar from download page. Collection not updated yet.

rkSmartPath updated to version 2.5

SmartPath in use

SmartPath in use

Finally I got some time to post an updated rkSmartPath.

Whats new:

* New color properties: – ColorEdit, ColorEnter and ColorExit
* Possible to hide first level: – HideFirstLevel
* Added an optional button: – ImagesBtn, ImageIdxBtn
* I also added new arrow style for first item
* Some code update

Download from download page. Collection has not been updated yet so download component itself.