Monthly Archives: September 2010

Updated VistaProBar

Demo VistaProBar 1.5

Demo of VistaProBar 1.5

VistaProBar has now been updated to version 1.5.
Now supports marquee mode.

New settings are:

MarqueeMode: Marquee on or off
MarqueeSize: Percent used for marquee
MarqueeFade: Percent that should be used for fading the marquee 1..50
MarqueeSpeed: Timer speed setting

Hope you find it usefull.

Download updated component and demo

A little help wanted…


I am working on a path viewer and a shell path provider component but have some problems I cant figure out. If you know shell very well and want to help me on this I would be very happy.

The path viewer component is linked to a path provider. Together they will be a powerfull tool for selecting paths. I have a working set of both path viewer and shell provider but it is not working like I want it to. If you are interested in helping out just contact me and I will send you what I’ve got so far.

If I do not get any help shortly I will just post what I got here and hope someone will figure it out.

Roy M Klever

Updated GlassButton version 1.5

This is an update to my recent Glassbutton.

What is new:
* Better rendering
* Shadow can now be none, glow or drop
* Possible to change shadow color
* Glossy level adjustable
* Adjusment of image position and text gap
* Act like Windows 7 buttons

I am working on a new version with some more options, requests from users, which I dont know when will be finnished so in the mean time enjoy this. I hope you like it.

Download rkGlassButton1.5