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Glassbutton updated to v2.4

This is a long forgotten update to my rkGlassButton component. Some bugs have been corrected and it now work more as expected.

The first ting first. The autosize property is working like it should.
Secondly the down property also work when duostyle is active.
Last but not forgotten OnClick now work as expected.

Please report any bugs you find to me.

Hope this helps a little

Download rkGlassButton v2.4

Updated GlassButton version 1.5

This is an update to my recent Glassbutton.

What is new:
* Better rendering
* Shadow can now be none, glow or drop
* Possible to change shadow color
* Glossy level adjustable
* Adjusment of image position and text gap
* Act like Windows 7 buttons

I am working on a new version with some more options, requests from users, which I dont know when will be finnished so in the mean time enjoy this. I hope you like it.

Download rkGlassButton1.5

Cool a new GlassButton!

GlassButton test demo

I liked the idea of having a “glassbutton” to use on my VistaPanel. So I decided to try making one. This is the result. It sure took a lot more work than I was thinking it would! Personally I like the result. There are some options to fine tune the result like, Glossy, GlossyLevel and the SingleBorder properties. Best result requires experimenting.

The “Arrow” property will add just that an arrow to the right side of the button. Combining it with the “DuoStyle” property will make the arrow get its own button part. Like you see in the image.

Hope you like it, have fun! Feedback is always welcome!

Download GlassButtonProject(253kB)