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Threaded thumbnails demo

Yet another thumbnails demo, this time showing how to make the thumbnails in a seperate thread. There is a small problem which I belive is caused by the Delphi jpeg unit which sometime will render a thumbnail empty. With empty I mean that it has the correct width and height but not the image itself but just a white rectangle. If you figure out how to fix it please tell me so I can fix it. It only happens once and awhile so it is not easy to pinpoint what is causing it.

This demo also fix some problems which was present in previus thumbnail demos so if you had problems with previus demos try this one.

Using a diffrent imagelib seems to solve the problem reagarding blank thumbnail. I strongly recomend ImageEn but also GraphicsEx is a good one.

You need rkView installed to run this demo. You find it under components.

Download project with source

Added 01.dec.2009:
The same demo using ImageEnIO for loading and making the thumbs. You need to have ImageEn installed to compile and run this demo.

Download project with source (21 kB)
Download compiled demo (1008 kB)

rkView component

rkView v1.1 is done and ready for download. ParentFont support have been added and a problem with scrollbar calculation have been fixed. Please do report back if the problem is not solved.

What is rkView?
rkView is my solution for a listview/gridview. I do not like the included TListview that comes with Delphi so I made my own. That way I have full control of how it works and act.

The best way to see what you can do with rkView is to download any of the thumbnail demos. More demos will come later. If you make a demo using rkView I would love to see it, maybe it could be included as a demo?

Download rkView

Roy M Klever