Monthly Archives: May 2010

Cool a new GlassButton!

GlassButton test demo

I liked the idea of having a “glassbutton” to use on my VistaPanel. So I decided to try making one. This is the result. It sure took a lot more work than I was thinking it would! Personally I like the result. There are some options to fine tune the result like, Glossy, GlossyLevel and the SingleBorder properties. Best result requires experimenting.

The “Arrow” property will add just that an arrow to the right side of the button. Combining it with the “DuoStyle” property will make the arrow get its own button part. Like you see in the image.

Hope you like it, have fun! Feedback is always welcome!

Download GlassButtonProject(253kB)

SmartPath v2.3 released

I am happy to announce that SmartPath v2.3 is here.

Whats new:
– Pressing arrow button now toggle popup menu.
– New event, OnError. Thanks Castor69.
– New property AutoComplete.
– Color properties for button painting have been added.
– Bug in keyboard navigating have been fixed.
– Bug in edit path have been fixed.
– Some small code optimization.

OnError AException values:
0 : Create directory failed

Download SmartPath2.3

SmartPath v2.2 released

Well I finally had some time to update my smartpath component. So what did I do? It is now possible to navigate the smartpath using the keyboard just set AllowKeyNav to true and you are set. I had some trouble making it work so report back any bugs you find, in my testing it worked as expected. Ownerdraw now has its own property, set it when using ownerdraw event. New Folder in home menu is now optionally. ParentFont added. A new property named ClickSetPath will set the path automatically when button on path is clicked so you no longer need to set it in the OnClickEvent. Changed AllowEdit to be set to true as default. OnMouseLeaveEvent should now be working again. Some code optimized.

Download SmartPath v2.2