Glassbutton updated to v2.4

This is a long forgotten update to my rkGlassButton component. Some bugs have been corrected and it now work more as expected. The first ting first. The autosize property is working like it should. Secondly the down property also work when duostyle is active. Last but not forgotten OnClick now work as expected. Please report […]

rkSmartTabs updated to 2.1

This is just a post to inform you about the availability of the latest rkSmartTabs. Now dragging of tabs works correctly and hints are working properly. Making this work was a lot more difficult than expected but the hardest part was to make all the transparency work correctly. I hope you find this update useful, […]

VistaProBar updated to version 1.7

This is a small update were I only have added three properties: BackColor, BorderColor, CornerColor. I think this makes it a little more useful. I needed the properties to get my music progress bar.I think it looks good. Have fun. Download rkVistaProBar from download page. Collection not updated yet.

rkSmartPath updated to version 2.5

Finally I got some time to post an updated rkSmartPath. Whats new: * New color properties: – ColorEdit, ColorEnter and ColorExit * Possible to hide first level: – HideFirstLevel * Added an optional button: – ImagesBtn, ImageIdxBtn * I also added new arrow style for first item * Some code update Download from download page. […]

A smart dialog solution

When doing graphics filters I am often annoyed by the fixed dialog most people use, so I decided to try to come up with an alternative solution and this is what I did. To compile the demo you need to install the included component, rkFilterPreviewDialog. This component will display a dialog according to the instructions […]