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Whats comming… a teaser

A screenshot of the album demo

Blaise Photo Album

This is just a compiled program of what I gone post next. Hope you like it. The source will be up as soon as I get my normal internet line back up and running.

My email is back so anyone that have posted something should be getting answers soon. Sorry for any trouble but nothing I could do about it.

If you want to compile this program (when source is available), you will need ImageEn, just make an account and you will get access to the download.

Download compiled demo: Blaise Photo Album

Shell thumbnails how to

Shell thumbnails

Shell thumbnails

Well I needed to add thumbnails view to my explorer and had some serious problems finding out how to do it. This is more or less what I ended up with. Hope you find it useful. If you improve the code or have another solution I would love to hear about it and maybe post it here.

The code is not perfect and I am sure a lot of tuning can be added but this is a good start. What works in Vista and Windows7 does not work in Xp and some results are different in all versions so it is no easy task I think.

Download Sample project (515kB)

AeroTabs a new tabs component

AeroTabs in use

My file manager using AeroTabs

I wanted to try to get my rkSmartTabs to work with aero in Vista/Win7 and this is the result.

The result is good, not perfect, but it works and shows how it can be done. Gdi+ is used to render the tabs so you will need it.

When using it with aero/glass remember to set background color to clBlack or you will get strange results.

Hope you find it usefull. I will post more info later and maybe add a simple demo, but if you got rkSmartTabs up and running you will get this one up and running too.

Download Component

Updated VistaProBar

Demo VistaProBar 1.5

Demo of VistaProBar 1.5

VistaProBar has now been updated to version 1.5.
Now supports marquee mode.

New settings are:

MarqueeMode: Marquee on or off
MarqueeSize: Percent used for marquee
MarqueeFade: Percent that should be used for fading the marquee 1..50
MarqueeSpeed: Timer speed setting

Hope you find it usefull.

Download updated component and demo

Cool a new GlassButton!

GlassButton test demo

I liked the idea of having a “glassbutton” to use on my VistaPanel. So I decided to try making one. This is the result. It sure took a lot more work than I was thinking it would! Personally I like the result. There are some options to fine tune the result like, Glossy, GlossyLevel and the SingleBorder properties. Best result requires experimenting.

The “Arrow” property will add just that an arrow to the right side of the button. Combining it with the “DuoStyle” property will make the arrow get its own button part. Like you see in the image.

Hope you like it, have fun! Feedback is always welcome!

Download GlassButtonProject(253kB)

Smooth vista gradient panel

VistaPanel image

Good looking vista panel

What is it? Simply a panel with a gradient that look like the gradient used in Vista. Play with the colors and I am sure you can come up with something you like. There really isn’t more to say about this small component.

Some times I just get the idea of trying to figure out how they make that gradient, well this is my take at the Vista gradient bar. Enjoy!

Download Component

Roy M Klever

Alternative progressbar

Showing Vista Progress Bar

I guess most of you have allready found a replacement for default progressbar in D2007. If not take a look at my solution. It have similar look to the system progressbar but without any animation.

The component will work in any delphi version but I have only tested it in D2007 and D2010.

It is licensed as freeware so no limitations on its use except you can not charge for it.

Download VistaProBar

Small but smart colorpicker

Small but smart colorpicker

The small but smart color picker

This is my attempt at making a small but smart color picker. It has two modes and can be used for live color updating. The mode shown in image is Alphamode:= True, second mode will then be Alphamode:= False which will be more aimed at web design.

To set the colorpickers color use:
SetColor(Color, Alpha, Update) or SetColor(Color, Update) where Update is a boolean which if false will set old color to color value.

Alpha is a value between 0 and 255.

To get color value use GetColor. Alpha value is stored in RGBAlpha.

Download: Color Picker (260kB)

Mixing two colors

Just a quick tips for those of you needing to blend two colors. Usage is very easy.

// Usage  NewColor:= Blend(Color1, Color2, blending level 0 to 100);
function Blend(Color1, Color2: TColor; A: Byte): TColor;
  c1, c2: LongInt;
  r, g, b, v1, v2: byte;
  A:= Round(2.55 * A);
  c1 := ColorToRGB(Color1);
  c2 := ColorToRGB(Color2);
  v1:= Byte(c1);
  v2:= Byte(c2);
  r:= A * (v1 - v2) shr 8 + v2;
  v1:= Byte(c1 shr 8);
  v2:= Byte(c2 shr 8);
  g:= A * (v1 - v2) shr 8 + v2;
  v1:= Byte(c1 shr 16);
  v2:= Byte(c2 shr 16);
  b:= A * (v1 - v2) shr 8 + v2;
  Result := (b shl 16) + (g shl 8) + r;