Released rkSmartPath version 2

Smart Path v2 in action

Smart path demo application

After a lot of testing, tweaking and fixing version 2 of rkSmartPath is available.
Whats new:

* Now it is possible to disable edit of path
* Added owner draw event
* Using displayname for folders
* Added search event. Use path edit for searching/filtering
* Tweaks and fixes
* End arrow only if there is folders in last folder

What is rkSmartPath: it is a component for Delphi that will allow you to navigate the filesystem similar to explorer in Vista. Folder path is represented as buttons and arrows. Pressing a button will allow you to set that path, pressing an arrow will let you pick a folder in that folder. Try the demo and you see what I am talking about.

Download Project(265kB)

Update 03.02.2010:


How it looks with Athen theme

Download TBX test version