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A little delayed but still here!

While we are waiting for my entries I can say a little about what I have planed. The first artickel will be about image straightening. I have a working solution but I am not complete satisfied so maybe we can improve it together. I will always be open for suggestions about improvements and better way of doing stuff. I am not claiming to be a pro and lot of my solution will be based on what others have contributed.

Recently I have done some gradient variants I would like to share with you so keep on coming back. Have you ever wanted to include resizable thumbnails in your application? I have a solution and I will share it with you. It was a lot easier than I had imagined so there is no excuse for not adding it any longer… well untill you have read my artickel that is.

Working with colors have always been a little difficult and I have had to ask around sometimes. This has given me some good solutions and I planning to show you my solutions. 

This is a little about what is comming.  I hope you find it intresting and if you have any comments please tell me.

My idea of this site is to be a helping hand in graphics programming in Delphi. Finding solutions and contribute to finding solutions that  works.


Kind regards

Roy Magne Klever