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SmartView sample application

This is the source code of the teaser program. Take note that this is just a sample and not, in any way, a complete application.

It uses a lot of my components so I suggest you download and install all of them.

Original a D2007 project but now a D2010 project. This means that the saving and loading of the albums are in ansi code and not unicode. When compiling in D2010 you will get a lot of warnings. I needed it to be in ansi code to be compatible with my existing album files. It should not be to difficult to come up with a different way of loading and saving albums.

Hope this helps a little in working with rkSmartView.

Some keys…
Ctrl + arrow left and right to expand and close all groups.
Space = Preview
Alt + left mousebutton will show image information.
F8 will show statistic information.
Press and hold left mousebutton in imagepreview to zoom.

Download project code

Whats comming… a teaser

A screenshot of the album demo

Blaise Photo Album

This is just a compiled program of what I gone post next. Hope you like it. The source will be up as soon as I get my normal internet line back up and running.

My email is back so anyone that have posted something should be getting answers soon. Sorry for any trouble but nothing I could do about it.

If you want to compile this program (when source is available), you will need ImageEn, just make an account and you will get access to the download.

Download compiled demo: Blaise Photo Album

SmartTabs version 1.7 released

rkSmartTabs v1.7

SmartTabs in use

rkSmartTabs have been updated to version 1.7.

TabOffsetTop has been removed.

AutoHideClose has been added. When setting this property to True it will hide the close buttons on non active tabs when they get very small. You can see the effect in the picture above.

Tabs no longer trigger the TabChanged event when being dragged.

Download rkSmartTabs1.7

This component uses the GDI + headers found at
In Delphi XE this is not working very well… one solution might be to rename the gdi+ units. If you have a solution to the problem in XE I would be glad to post it here.

Shell thumbnails how to

Shell thumbnails

Shell thumbnails

Well I needed to add thumbnails view to my explorer and had some serious problems finding out how to do it. This is more or less what I ended up with. Hope you find it useful. If you improve the code or have another solution I would love to hear about it and maybe post it here.

The code is not perfect and I am sure a lot of tuning can be added but this is a good start. What works in Vista and Windows7 does not work in Xp and some results are different in all versions so it is no easy task I think.

Download Sample project (515kB)

PathViewer updated to version 1.1

What is new:

Some arrow types are defined to be used in the new OnDrawEvent:

  TpvArrow = (pvaNone, pvaNormal, pvaBack);
  TOnDrawArrowEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; PathOff: Integer; var ArrowStyle: TpvArrow) of object;
// Usage to simulate Win7 explorer bar
procedure MainForm.pvMain.DrawArrow(Sender: TObject; PathOff: Integer;  var ArrowStyle: TpvArrow);
  if PathOff > 1 then  
    ArrowStyle:= pvaBack
  if PathOff > 0 then  
    ArrowStyle:= pvaNormal
    ArrowStyle:= pvaNone;

New property added:

RightToLeft: Boolean;

Set this property to true to get a pathviewer that renders the path from right to the left. I have not tested it with right to left languages so if you do I would like to get some feedback of how it works out.

Hope you find it usefull.

Download Updated PathViewer